Retail Sectors That Need Specialized POS Software


If you’ve never heard of a POS system, you’ve probably still used it without knowing. Point-of-sale software helps businesses to accept and keep track of sales from customers digitally, rather than the old cash register method. The digital computers that cashiers use at retail stores, for instance, are a type of POS software—but for some industries, specialized systems are needed. If your business is one of the following, you should look into POS software specific to your products!

Gun Sellers

One of the reasons gun sellers can’t use any plain old POS system is because of the many forms and background checks they need to complete in order to remain in compliance with the ATF. Some POS systems actually do offer electronic background checks so that you don’t have to keep track of a lot of paper, and most have management software that can handle other services you may have as a gun seller—rentals, range fees, and repairs, to name a few. As the best gun POS software options, like Cumulus, even have features to safeguard your store against ATF audits or scrutiny, keeping accurate records and reports for you to keep compliance.


Talk about the POS equipment and software you need to run a pharmacy. Speaking of compliance, another industry that has a lot of oversight is the pharmaceutical industry, namely by HIPAA as well as PCI. Besides streamlining this process, specialized pharmacy POS software also provides many payment options, secure transactions, and digital inventory management. Inventory management software can interface with dispensing systems, essentially ensuring you keep your shelves stocked at all times. It even can keep track of competitor prices through wholesaler product load and price file updating!

Car Repair

Auto parts retail is a lucrative market, but can be hard to achieve effective inventory management without good software. Auto repair POS systems can help speed up the ordering process and manage inventory so parts are always in stock. Register tools that provide every type of sale—whether on the phone, in person, or online—are very important, as are easy-to-use search options so that you can get to the exact part your customer is looking for quickly and efficiently. Ones designed specifically for auto repair can even generate seasonal order prediction.

The basic POS software systems available are only increasing as the years continue. For specific retail industries, however, basics won’t do. Before buying the most popular brand, look to see if there is specialized POS software for your industry!

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