How to Be a More Tech Savvy Homeowner


As a homeowner, your fiscal investment depends upon your taking care of it. This is, of course, exhausting after a while! There are so many tiny things which need to be cared for in a home; however, those tasks are much easier than they used to be thanks to new and upcoming tech products. How can you use technology to become a more savvy homeowner?

Install a Security System

First things first: your home needs to be protected. Chances are, unless you own an older home, a security system was installed on your property. Likely, though, it’s outdated. According to Consumer Reports, modern security systems have options for monitored doorbells, window and door sensors, and property monitoring in varied ways. Some can give you the options of having deliveries monitored, or for you to monitor your home online from a remote location. What specifically you need is dependent upon what crime is in your area, and specifically how many square feet of coverage and acreage you need cared for.

Solar Energy

People can often erroneously have concerns over installing solar power, thinking it will not be useful on days when it is not sunny. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to AMP Smart, solar can be combined with battery storage to give you more control over your power. While solar rebate options in most states are ending in 2022, that still gives you five months to choose whether solar could be a good bet for your home. Owning your own panels gives you options to not be dependent upon the electrical grid as well, which is increasingly important in certain states.

Regulate Your Temperature

A simple install and simple to use computerized thermostat can save you a great deal of money in the long run! Many consumers turn their thermostats up midday, for their air conditioner to not be overworked in the heat of the afternoon, and down slightly at night, so as to sleep in cooler air. If you’re like many, though, this can mean forgetting to turn the temperature back to a more regular setting and paying the bills for it later. According to Hunker, digitally connected thermostats that connect to an app on your phone can save you up to $100 on yearly electrical bills, as you can change the temperature whenever and wherever you are!

Sometimes new technology can seem intimidating, especially if you’re the one expected to install and use it. But don’t worrythere are excellent technicians who can help with the installation process. Your safer, more efficient, better protected home is waiting for you!

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