How Robotics Will Usher in a New Industrial Revolution


The future of industrialization is robotics and mechatronics, and that means big changes are in process. This can cause a lot of stress to workers as things are further mechanized. Some are afraid of the robotics themselves, as they go through retraining. Some are worried about their jobs disappearing. However, neither need be true, if the concepts are understood and workers willing to lean in and learn. How is robotics the new industrial revolution?

Fewer Workers in Harm’s Way

Your workers know the structure and strictures of their work and how the protocols work for what they have right now. When presented with a new challenge with completely separate protocols, and with also the ability to cause damage to life and limb, it can be frightening for them. However, when properly trained, your workers can be safer using robotics. Any process, if safety protocols are not followed can be problematic, but robotics can take some of the most dangerous parts out of their repertoire at work, while leaving plenty of work for all.

Boost Mass Production

Mass production has been an important part of manufacturing since Henry Ford pioneered it. Your team is probably more than familiar with mass production by a streamlined assembly-line style process. As assembly lines changed in the industrial revolution in the early 1900’s, people were worried there wouldn’t be a boost in sales to go along with the faster production. This transformation of production created not only new careers, but new products and plenty of sales. Likewise, the shift to robotics industrialization is causing the industry to change in many ways, but mass production is likewise increasing.

Increase Jobs in the Workforce

Ok, your big concern: will there be a reduction in workforce? Yes and no. Initial reports show that robotics will decrease jobs…initially. But, this is only in the least skilled work. Most workers genuinely want to learn new skills and to be able to grow in their field. Those jobs will indeed grow over time. Some of the jobs which are in preparation are already available with more certification, much of which workers already desire to do to get increased wages.

Robots are more than just fun gimmicks in movies and television- they truly are the future of the economy! Your business will be transformed as well, in the next 20 years, due to robotics. The future looks wonderful, for both you and your team!

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