Lesser-Known Careers Tech-Savvy People May Enjoy


Finding a career in tech is an exciting prospect with tons of options that tech-savvy people would excel in. Some of those career options are obvious but others are less common but equally amazing. Here are a few of those lesser-known careers that you may love as someone with a passion for technology.

Growth Hacker

Growth hacking is an awesome career choice, especially if you love the world of marketing as well as technology. As a growth hacker, you would help your company by using data to determine marketing tactics and test out those methods through coding. In this position, you would use your technology skills to find unique and creative ways to solve marketing problems. If you like the idea of problem-solving to help businesses market more effectively and save money, then a career in growth hacking may be right for you.

Private Investigator

If detective movies have always been your thing, working as a private investigator may be exactly the kind of job you need. Modern private investigating requires technological savvy that can help you solve problems and help your clients. Though movies may be what gets you excited about private investigating, it is not just what the movies show. Private investigators work for a variety of clients and use technology on almost every job. Being able to use technology well will help you to be more effective as a private investigator.

Education Technology Specialist

If you love school and aren’t ready to leave the educational world yet, a tech job in education may be what you are looking for. In this kind of position, you would help with the technology involved in running a school or university. This kind of job can range from using technology to run conferences and events to making sure that classrooms are up to date and can give instructors the optimal ability to teach their students. There is a whole world of opportunities for education technology, so look into the field if learning is an important part of your life.

Work in Agriculture

If any two fields may seem at odds it might be the world of tech and the world of agriculture. However, those two worlds collide when it comes to agricultural technology. From developing new technology to improve agricultural production to tracking data in agriculture, technology is essential to farming in the US and around the world. If you have wanted to be a part of solving the world’s problems or are simply interested in agriculture, a tech job within the farming world can be incredibly fulfilling.

Finding a fulfilling job in the tech field isn’t a huge challenge because of how many career options are available in the field. But finding a tech job that is unique and intersects with your other interests is amazing. Take the time to find a tech job that will keep you fulfilled and surprise you with the ways you can use technology to make almost anything happen.

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