How the Internet of Things Will Impact the World


The internet of things otherwise known as IoT refers to smart technology like cell phones, vehicles, electronic appliances, and many other smart devices that connect to a wireless network. The continued development of IoT is intended to make everyday tasks easier and more automatic. With the evolution and our use of technology we will see IoT changing not only the world we live in, but our day to day lives.


The emergence of new IoT will impact households. We have already seen how smart devices can turn on and off our lights while telling us the next day’s weather. Imagine your house being fully automated, adjusting the temperature and locks for windows and doors based on the sensors that you are not home. Appliances will do household work for you like monitoring the food stores in your refrigerator then creating and placing a grocery order for you.

Wireless connections, data analytics, and technology continues to get faster and more reliable. A smart home will help conserve energy and utility costs all while customizing the home directly to your preferences.

The Economy

Like the concept of running a smart home, IoT can impact our economy for good. As the world moves to more automated technology, the ability to save money also increases. By 2035, connected devices will generate up to $11 trillion of value. These devices will work together to help conserve energy and make sound projections based on supply and demand of all other connected devices. The connection of these devices has the chance to promote a thriving economy with extremely high confidence ratios.


Integration of IoT will also affect our ability to travel. Transportation systems moving to green energy will help our environment. Driverless cars will also cut commute time down for work or travel. With fully automated cars, there will be no room for human error or distractions which will result in less accidents and congestion. Time spent traveling can instead be used for productive or relaxation purposes leading to a more satisfied individual. Even the concept of airplane travel has endless possibilities for comfort and safety improvements.

The Internet of Things has endless possibilities for how it can fully automate and improve our way of life. We have already seen significant changes since the internet became readily available. IoT will continue to affect our homes, our work and how we travel as computerized systems connect and advance.

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