How to Communicate with People Using Encrypted Channels


Privacy is a big issue with the digital age. There are so many services available that advertise instant or near instant communication, but how well is your data protected? Encrypted channels are a better option as they are secure and maintain confidentiality. But it can be difficult to know what channels to use that do encrypt your information. Here are three channels that can be encrypted and how to use them.


One of the most important channels that should be encrypted is email. It can be easy for someone to read your email, which can be big trouble for your company. There are email services, like ProtonMail that let you encrypt your emails. You can also use encryption services on most email accounts. Encrypted emails protect your information and make sure that only the intended recipient can read the information in the email. Without encryption, anyone could read the email and confidentiality can be breached. When sending out confidential information, it’s important to make sure the email is encrypted.

Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are another channel that should be encrypted. Text messages are one of the most widely used forms of communication. More than 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes as people check their phones frequently. Messaging apps offer a quick and easy way to stay in communication with your employees and many of them come encrypted. Messaging apps simply require the phone numbers of those you want to message and then you create an individual group with just those numbers. The service provides encryption to keep your information safe and secure so that only your group can read the information that you send.

Video Calls

Video calls are another channel that should be secure when meeting with people. Some video services come with some sort of encryption and can be further protected by passwords, which give secure access to the meeting. However, there are platforms that are better at protecting your privacy than others. Some provide end-to-end encryption and are very secure, while others record information in a cloud that can be accessible to others beside yourself. There are many options for secure and encrypted channels, but ultimately is up to you what kind of protection you’ll get.

There are many options available that encrypt your data and provide privacy protection. It’s important to know what is available so that your information can stay protected.

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