How You Can Buy a Drone Without Breaking the Bank


Drones are quickly becoming one of the most “must-have” items in the technology field, and if you don’t have one yet, you probably want to get one soon. But unless you work in a field that requires you to use a drone professionally, you probably aren’t wanting to spend a fortune on something you’ll end up using for entertainment more than anything else. Here’s a look at some ways you can get a drone without breaking the bank.

Be Specific With Needs

Drone prices vary wildly; toy drones can be bought for as little as $20 while professional-level drones can cost you around $1,000. One of the best ways is to make sure you don’t overspend. If you’re looking for a drone to fly around for a couple of hours on the weekends that can do some flips and basic tricks, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on something with a hi-def camera that can fly for hours on end. Before you make a decision or even start really looking, decide what you need out of your drone. Wondershare Filmora recommends that you ask yourself some questions and decide what you’re looking for. Basic recreational level drones don’t cost nearly as much as professional-level options.

Shop Around

Unless you go into a big-box store, you’re probably going to end up ordering your drone online. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially since it will enable you to see a wider variety of options as far as features and pricing. However, it’s vital that you do your homework on what you’re ordering from the internet. Common sense indicates that a drone with expensive parts will cost you more as a consumer, while a cheaper made drone will cost less but could have issues down the road. Domestic items often cost more while drones manufactured in China may be cheaper. When buying drones or drone parts directly from China, you need to check the company you’re ordering from carefully. While it can be a great way to cheaply find parts or models, the lack of oversight means there could be many low-quality knock-offs that won’t hold up, according to TonySourcing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Used

If you’re looking to buy a relatively inexpensive drone, don’t rule out the concept of buying a used one. There’s a chance that you’re going to decide that drone flying isn’t the right hobby for you (and that’s OK), but that means other people may have decided it wasn’t right for them too. While you can find used drones for sale on social media or online auction sites, that may not be your best route. Unless you personally know the seller of the particular second-hand drone you’re looking at, check out some reputable drone selling sites to make sure you get what you’re looking for, says expert Quad Hangar.

Buying a drone doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are lots of ways to figure out exactly the type of gadgets you want, how to use them, and where to buy. Find what you need, and happy flying!