How to Protect Your iPhone from Damage


It’s no secret that iPhones are expensive pieces of hardware. From their impressive battery life to the multitude of available apps, smartphones have lots of good things going for them. As such, you want to keep your smartphone safe. If you know you’re prone to accidents and want to safeguard your phone, read on.

Basic Plastic Case

To give your phone its best life, consider purchasing a plastic case. There are many different styles of iPhone covers, from conservative designs to more stylish ones. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it. A good plastic case covers the back, sides and part of the front of your phone. Depending on the thickness of the cover, the aftermath of a drop will be dramatically decreased because the cover will absorb the shock. If you’re looking for something lightweight, a plastic case is your best bet. You can up the protection while still finding easy accessibility. For example, smaller plastic cases allow you to quickly retrieve your phone from your pocket. Additionally, plastic cases don’t inhibit the functionality of your phone. This type of purchase is just a good purchase all around.

Leather Wallet Case

Another type of protective case for your iPhone is a leather wallet case. This lets you combine your wallet and phone in one holder. Wallet cases include a pocket for your phone and multiple sleeves for your money and cards. The provide a practical approach to protection. You’ll find your device is enclosed completely with that layer of leather. Leather wallet cases also come in a variety of designs to add your own personal touch. Leather cases can be very durable, but if you want them to stay looking nice, you might want to use a leather care kit on it every so often, especially if it gets scuffed from dropping it all the time.

Screen Protectors

It’s easy to protect the outside of your phone, but what about the delicate front piece? The glass screen is the most fragile part of a phone, and a screen protector can help prevent damage. While they are manufactured with different materials, tempered glass tends to be the strongest and lets you apply a layer of heavy glass over your phone’s screen. Packs of screen protectors can be purchased for a low price; getting extras allows you to always have a backup. If your protector gets cracked, simply take it off and put on a new one. Application is easy, too. In most cases, you’ll just wipe down your screen and stick the protector to it. Everything should easily line up.

Buying a new phone can be expensive, so it’s important to do everything you can to protect the one you have. Between investing in cases and adding a screen protector, you’re sure to protect your phone from damage. By getting the proper protection for it, your device will easily survive your accident-prone ways.