How Technology is Transforming Banking


Banking is something that has been around for a very long time. People have always needed some way to securely save their money and to invest. As technology has grown over the years, banking has been able to transform into what it is today. Not only has it become easier to move your money and manage it, but technology has made the process far safer and more secure. Let’s take a closer look.

More Secure

There are lots of people in the world who are looking to scam others and access their money, and this has been happening long before technology came into play. Technology has made banking more secure in many ways. There are now ways that you can monitor your accounts from a mobile device, you can receive instant alerts if there is a suspicious activity with your account, etc. According to PWC, banks use specialized technology to monitor your activity patterns, helping them identify suspicious activity with greater accuracy. And a more secure banking experience means that your money is in a good place.

Mobile Technology

Smartphones and mobile devices will play a key role in future banking roles now that smartphones are very popular. According to MX, as many as 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and countless hours of research and development are going into making banking technology mobile. You can now access your bank information immediately upon login. You can move funds around in just a few seconds. Some banks are even offering the ability to deposit checks from a mobile device. You simply sign the check, take a couple of photos and the money is available to you.

More Competition

There was a time when the only method of banking was the credit union on the corner or the bank down the street. Technology is now providing all kinds of options. There are banks you can utilize from an online standpoint, without even having a branch in your local area. There are all kinds of internet lenders, auto loan companies, etc. This has forced banks to be more competitive with their rates and product types. This is beneficial for customers who are looking for the best opportunities around.

If you are savvy with technology, see how you can use it to make your banking experience better or safer. It is likely that your bank has an app that you can use. This app can be used to pay bills, manage money, transfer between accounts, pay your mortgage, etc. With technology always evolving in this day and age, it’s important that you embrace the technology and use it any way that you can.

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