What Does the Future Hold For Tesla?


What is Tesla doing at this very moment? Dealing with production issues, sales issues, and more issues. But does that mean that Tesla will falter? Not likely. The future of Tesla has many predictable hurdles to jump, but the company’s future looks bright.

Current Bottlenecks

In 2018 Elon Musk reported that Tesla was in the midst of “production hell.” Bottlenecks in the Tesla production chain have held back the delivery of promised models. Battery demands are another bottleneck impacting current production abilities. Elon Musk’s solution is to automate the entire production factory. The goal of building a completely automated factory has led to many delays, including a cap on how quickly Tesla can manufacture its vehicles.

Tech Will Get Smarter

Technology is what keeps Tesla going. The batteries the company uses rely on recharging technology that is relatively recent. This is not to mention the extensive tech under the hood and within the dashboard. Tesla vehicles regularly update their onboard technology through a link system. In one update they added an entire sketchpad system and then proceeded to add saturation control, color pickets and other graphic control elements. Ideally, the updates to the technology in Tesla’s future will focus less on artistic development and more on tangible aspects such as battery demands. One of the major updates is a change to the autopilot function. There have been some concerns around its autopilot, with some thinking the technology isn’t safe enough to trust yet. Now, the software has been revised, but you should expect to see many more updates that limit the abilities of the autopilot feature.

Sales Struggles

Will Tesla give in and allow dealerships, specifically franchise dealerships, to sell their vehicles? Probably not. Tesla has held out a long fight to sell in certain states. For many people, that means traveling to purchase a Tesla. Many states do not permit vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to the consumer, which is what Tesla does. However, instead of finding a way to work with dealerships they can support, Tesla has decided to change laws. They are currently fighting in several states to sell independently. They’re rocking the boat, and it’s likely you’ll see more Tesla models sold through unconventional means such as online ordering and shipment.

Tesla is playing a risky game by assessing and dealing with bottlenecks now to confront the needs of the future. The company is relying on continuing technology advancements and is hoping that its products will contribute significantly to shaping the future of electric cars. To be successful, the company will need to overcome production troubles, safety fears, and sales problems.