Why Cybersecurity is More Important Now Than Ever


Security has always been an important part of society to protect what is valuable to us. In an era that is all about computing and the internet, there is nothing more valuable to us than what is kept online. With society becoming progressively online, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Everything is on the Internet

The most important parts of our life and our society are now on the internet. From its inception, the internet has grown exponentially, both in terms of users and data. This rapid growth has led to a dependence on the internet both personally and industrially.

If the internet fails for a person, they will suddenly lose access to their communication, their entertainment, and their financials. If an industry lost the use of the internet, they would lose the ability to reach clients, to research, and to communicate both locally and internationally. Hacking is now a global threat that affects people, organizations, and entire governments.

This threat extends into the national defense sector with the Department of Defense (DoD) relying on targeted system security plans to safeguard Controlled Defense Information (CDI). On both the individual and national level, hacking creates massive and longstanding consequences. Cybersecurity is the only way to protect against these risks.

Hacking is a Serious Threat

Hacking is a crime that is becoming easier to learn and easier to make money with. According to Stevens-Henager College, cybercrime is more profitable than illegal drugs. A hacker can learn the skills on their own and use them to go after major targets, such as business databases, email servers, or even bank accounts.

Data breaches are becoming more frequent, and hackers fear little with them since, even if they fail, they almost always remain anonymous. This makes hackers very difficult to catch, so they are able to continue learning and trying to infiltrate their targets’ information.

Lack of Computer Literacy

As computers continue to become more advanced, its users do not. People may put all of their information and valuables online, but that doesn’t mean they understand the cyber world. This lack of understanding means much of the population are easy targets to hack. People commonly use lax passwords and give out information they shouldn’t online.

Lax passwords pose a significant threat to businesses who store customer data online. That’s why data security ultimately comes down to controlling who is allowed access to business systems and passwords. In a world where people can’t always be relied on to protect themselves, cybersecurity tools and measures will need to protect them.

The Advancement of Hacking Tools

Tools used in hacking are becoming smarter and more advanced every day. As these tools continue to grow in sophistication, the threat to society grows alongside it. Hacking tools evolving means that they are harder to detect and harder to stop and protect against than ever before.

It also means they are being made simpler to use; as a result, less-proficient hackers are still a threat, and the industry of hacking is becoming more widespread and profitable. As hacking becomes more advanced, the only way to stop it is for cybersecurity to become more advanced alongside it.

Cybersecurity will always be as important as computers and the internet in society. So, as our dependence on the digital world becomes more and more prominent, so too must our respect and advancement of cybersecurity.

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