3 Technologies that Ecommerce Businesses Should Never Go Without


Ecommerce is a driving force in our economy today, and all businesses are either currently participants or will be at some point in time. Consumers are shopping online in ever increasing numbers, and whether your business has a physical presence or not, Ecommerce is a necessary component of your business model. In order to reap the full benefits of using online commerce, it is essential to implement current technologies into your business platform.


Today’s analytic applications are becoming increasingly better at taking raw data and translating it into meaningful groupings through algorithms that can be constantly streamlined and adjusted. These applications can benefit from advanced machine learning and deliver all the insight you need for your ecommerce business. Your customers no longer traverse your pages in a linear fashion but instead switch between websites, search Google for information and promos, look up reviews of your products and often return to your site via another device altogether.

These analytic tools can compile this scattered data into profiles for specific customer segments and can tell you all the interactions a particular user has with any product. These profiles are then used to predict and deliver product recommendations based on personalized data analysis. Companies that use predictive intelligence solutions report fast increases in revenue.


Address Verification

Utilizing an address verification process is a practical method to reduce costs. There are many benefits to using address verification technology to help your ecommerce business, such as reducing shipping costs, the number of returned packages and the number of lost items. You will have less customer service calls about undelivered packages, so you will save on man hours dealing with these types of customer issues.


One-Click Checkout

We are all familiar with Amazon’s One-Click Checkout service. Formerly exclusive to Amazon but licensed to a few other companies, this technology is now available to all since Amazon’s patent expired in 2018. One-click checkout is popular with customers, lessens cart abandonment and makes it easier for customers to conduct repeated transactions. Several major Ecommerce platforms have already implemented this service for their clients, and many more will follow.


Customers can be a fickle crowd and cultivating and retaining them is a constant consideration. It is not only important to understand customer behavior, but it is also imperative that you make your customers’ online experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. Availing yourself of these technologies will help in that process.

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