#65 Who Will Be Crowned The 2018 World Champions?


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It’s true: Facebook has experienced a number of security-related issues lately, including a breach disclosed in September that compromised at least 30 million accounts. But that incident doesn’t explain why tens of thousands of private Facebook messages reportedly ended up for sale on an internet forum the same month, according to the BBC Russian Service. The culprit likely responsible for the leak, Facebook says, is a pest outside of the social network’s direct control: malicious browser extensions. Google, which has over 60 percent of the browser market share, has said the number of malicious Chrome extension downloads has decreased significantly over the past several years, but this breach proves malware-packed browser tools remain an issue.

Apple has a problem it doesn’t want to talk about

The era of rapid iPhone growth ended years ago. Now Apple is making a change to ensure it doesn’t have to talk as much about that problem. On a conference call Thursday, top Apple executives laid out their plans to stop disclosing the number of iPhones, iPads and Macs it sells each quarter. It’s a move that shocked analysts and only added to jitters around a mixed earnings report. Daniel Ives, an analyst with Wedbush, called the announcement a “jaw dropper” in an investor note Friday morning, particularly because Apple is at a “critical juncture.” He said Apple is trying to make up for slowing unit sales growth by charging more for its lineup of devices.

Diablo Immortal, A New RPG, Announced For Mobile At BlizzCon 2018

Diablo was for much of its life a PC-only franchise. Now, with Diablo III having expanded to consoles–including, as of today, Nintendo Switch–Blizzard has its eyes set on what might be its most difficult adaptation of the action RPG yet: mobile. During the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony, Blizzard revealed that it is developing a brand-new Diablo game to mobile platforms. Blizzard said it “want[s] to do it in a way that’s true to Blizzard, putting gameplay first, in a way that feels right for Diablo.” It’s described as a full-fledged action RPG you can play everywhere with everyone. It’s being developed in collaboration with NetEase. The Chinese company has previously helped to bring a number of Blizzard’s games to China.

World’s largest neuromorphic supercomputer is switched on

We’re used to hearing about supercomputers such as IBM’s 200-petaflop Summit machine, but the million-processor-core ‘Spiking Neural Network Architecture’ machine, or ‘SpiNNaker,’ is a bit different. It’s the world’s largest neuromorphic supercomputer, designed to copy the workings of the human brain and unlock its secrets, and it’s been switched on for the first time.


It all comes down to this – here’s everything you need to know about the Worlds 2018 Finals.

The 24 best teams in the world have been narrowed down to two. On November 3rd at [8:30] AM CET, Fnatic and Invictus Gaming will fight for the Summoner’s Cup at Munhak Stadium in Incheon, South Korea.

The League of Legends World Championship Finals is the pinnacle of competitive play across 14 regional leagues. Winning Worlds is the greatest achievement in League of Legends, and the victors can indisputably call themselves the best in the world.

Finals will be streamed live at watch.lolesports.com. You can also catch a rebroadcast or spoiler-free VOD at watch.lolesports.com/vods the next day.

Five reasons why Invictus Gaming will upset Fnatic in the Worlds 2018 final

For the first time since season one, a Korean team will not be in the final at the League of Legends World Championship. That year, Fnatic won the title, and they’re the favorites again tonight. But there are a few Koreans playing in the final. They’ll be on the side of China’s representative, Invictus Gaming. And even though they’re going into the last battle tonight as underdogs, they just might be good enough to pull out one more series and keep alive the legend of Korean talent.

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