Why You Need to Monitor Your Applications More Closely


If you run a business in today’s world, then you probably have a range of applications that empower your business to get ahead in your market and stay on top of demands. From finance to marketing to security, you need to monitor these apps and technologies closely. Here’s why:


Large leaps in your business don’t happen by accident. They occur when you have a deep level of insight into your technology and are able to create new solutions out of the existing applications that you use. This happened in the healthcare industry with SMART on FHIR apps, which integrates medical apps with electronic health records. This is just one example of industry innovation with the applications they use. Similarly, when you’re able to innovate and streamline processes, you gain an edge over the other companies in your market by saving money, time, and other resources so you can reinvest them elsewhere.

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Security is essential for companies everywhere today. It is not just mega-corporations that need to manage their security concerns. Even companies with only a few people have valuable data that hackers would love to get their hands on. From exploiting website loopholes, to hacking your emails, to getting control of the rest of your system, to injecting code in your servers and extracting data, network monitoring lets you detect these threats so you can act quickly.

Updates on Various Technologies

Your applications are not still chambers where nothing happens over time. They do not stand in one place. In fact, changes to technology could cause your well written application to suddenly slow down, malfunction, or lose valuable capabilities. If you aren’t aware of the latest software updates for these apps, you could be caught blindsided without enough time to correct errors.

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Data Handling

Data is the lifeblood of your marketing and insight into financial projections. If you can understand what customers are doing, how your profits are affected, and where to deploy more assets, you are able to reduce expenses and improve the bottom line. Collecting data and saving it securely so it is not disrupted in power outages is key. Without monitoring and acting on this data, you are leaving money on the table and putting your company at risk of losing customer details that can help you improve your success.

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When it comes to business in the modern era, long gone are the days where you only needed some printers and a phone to start driving business. Being online and having your devices connected via apps and technology is crucial today. Don’t make the mistake of not having proper monitoring set up. Understand exactly how your technology is behaving and innovate on the cutting edge.

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