What’s Going on with Oracle and Discoverer?


Oracle Discoverer has been discontinued, which means its users need to switch to an updated reporting platform. Orbit is a new tool that allows users to migrate from Oracle Discoverer for free in order to convert reports and not have to worry about losing data when making the switch. Orbit Analytics reports that “as of June 30, 2017, Oracle discontinued its extended support for Discoverer. And it’s been nearly a decade since Oracle has offered new features or product enhancements for it. Oracle will no longer provide bug fixes and patches, as well as certifications with Oracle products, web browsers, or operating systems.” It is essential to know what Oracle Discoverer is, what it is used for, and why it is important that they are discontinued.

Oracle Discoverer’s Past Services

Oracle Discoverer was a business support tool that gave users a set of query, analysis, publishing, and reporting tools in a way that is delivered in one Web-based interface, which made it user-friendly. According to BiTool.net, it allowed for accurate and faster decision making, and it made finding required data to be much more simplified. Oracle Discoverer was designed to give immediate access to data that was specific in a database. Users no longer needed to search entire databases for what they needed as this tool could access what they needed in just a few seconds with one click. Additionally, the use of Oracle Discoverer means that special IT experience was not necessary to prepare advanced reports because of its simplified, modifiable, and updateable reporting. In short, it was a complex tool that made the lives of people in business easier with data gathering, report sharing, and analysis.


It has been over a decade since Oracle has released any significant updates or enhancements for Discoverer. Oracle Discoverer officially discontinued in June 2017, and it will not be providing any bug fixes or patches. The certifications with Oracle products, operations, and web browsers are also discontinued. It is important for Oracle Discoverer users to update to a new platform because they are currently putting themselves at risk by continuing to use technology that is dated, which means that they are at an increased risk for security threats and bugs that will make the tool unusable. Hubble explains that using Orbit’s free migration wizard with Oracle Discoverer will give users a smooth transition to a new reporting platform that will provide them with the support and updates that they need to continue to use the services they received with Oracle Discoverer.


Overall, users who are still using the Oracle Discoverer reporting platform are taking a risk with no longer being able to use the service as support has officially ended. Even one Internet browser update could result in users being cut off from the service. Excel4Apps suggests that this is why it is crucial to replace their Oracle Discoverer use with Orbit reporting, which will give them the easy transition that they need to continue using simplified business tools.

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