#6 15yr Old Crowned Microsoft Excel World Champion

The problem with tech is that it breaks sometimes. Kind of like the start of this episode where it sounds like I’m underwater. Don’t worry, the audio improves and the show goes on!

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Tech News Topic:

Meet the 15-year-old who’s the Microsoft Excel world champion

Congrats to Kevin Dimaculangan on the championship!

Gadget Topic:

Magic Leap One is an AR headset that costs a king’s ransom

Coming in at a hefty price tag of $2,295 they are looking to release it in certain cities so that developers can start designing their own games for players like us to enjoy.

Video Game Topic:

‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ Is Probably Going To Make Almost All Your Current Gear Useless

Like your current gear? Well after this expansion, you’re going to be sorely outgunned and outmatched. Might have to start considering an upgrade.

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