#16 Introducing The Grand Tour Video Game


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IFA 2018: what to expect from Berlin’s massive tech show

It’s that time of year again: IFA 2018 is almost here, and while we’ve seen some big IFAs in the past, the 2018 edition could be the biggest yet.

Everything we think we know about the new Apple Watch models that could launch next month

If Apple keeps the same pattern, it’s likely to introduce new Apple Watch models soon, possibly as soon as the second week in September. Plus, this year it’s possible that Apple introduces the first new Apple Watch industrial design since the product line was revealed in 2014, which would make it the biggest upgrade in over three years.

Samsung announces two new ‘affordable’ curved gaming monitors

Samsung has announced a pair of gaming monitors at Gamescom 2018, positioning them as “affordable” in the company’s own words. The CJG5 series comes in 27- and 32-inch varieties, both using curved 2560 x 1440 VA panels with a refresh rate of 144Hz. The monitors have two HDMI ports (one 2.0, one 1.4) and a DisplayPort input.

Netflix is about to make a big change to the way you pay for streaming

Looks like in a not-so-subtle move, Netflix is wanting to recover the 30% of subscription fees currently being forked over to iTunes and Google Play stores by having users register on their own mobile site. Sounds familiar…

The Grand Tour gets its own video game

Amazon announced today that it will release The Grand Tour Game on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will closely mimic the show, offering players the chance to relive some of the cars, locations and challenges featured on the first three seasons of Amazon’s streaming series. In addition to single-player action, there will also be a four-player, split-screen multiplayer option, as well. Every time a new Grand Tour episode drops during its third season, you’ll get access to new cars, tracks and challenges from that episode.

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