Nvidia has announced earlier this week a chip intended for robots. The company claims the chip crams $10,000 worth of power comparable with GPUs and would be sold for AU$1,299. The chip’s name is called Jetson Xavier, and it has powerful six processors and runs on 30 watts.


Meet Nvidia’s new chip for robots


On Monday’s Nvidia media conference, CEO Jensen Huang said that the chip would be used for robots and not for PC. Jetson Xavier could operate, according to Huang, 30 trillion operations per second.


“This little computer is going to be the brain of future robots,” company co-founder Huang told reporters at Computex in Taiwan.

Jetson Xavier

“Robots that drive, that fly, that swim, that goes underground, that picks strawberries, picks lettuce, picks apples, helps you in the lab, like Jarvis handing you your screwdriver,” Huang added, “this little computer is the brains of future intelligent machines.”


Huang said the company took them five years to develop the Jetson Xavier. In fact, in the design phase, Nvidia spent three years and additional two years to create it. He further disclosed that to develop Jetson Xavier it hired with over 8,000 people.


“This is the single longest processor project we have ever done in our company,” Huang noted. “Essentially, a $10,000 workstation, 1,000 watts of performance, now fits in my hand for 30 watts.”


The chip’s shipment will commence by August for developers with a price tag of $1, 299. This is not the first time that Nvidia has ventured into AI chips. The company has developed several chips in the past both for fruit-picking robots and agriculture robots.



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