How Modern Vehicle Technologies are Working to Prevent Accidents


Throughout the past decade, automakers have added features to modern vehicles to make them safer for drivers. Advances in computing and communications along with new age sensor technology have allowed automakers to move beyond passive safety to active automobile safety. Recent studies have found that automakers could prevent 81% of accidents using modern features such as sensors. Here are some of the emerging safety features that are helping prevent car crashes.

Pedal-Travel Sensor

Pedal-travel sensors are a core component of hybrid and electric cars regenerative braking systems. These sensors record the desired braking level of a driver and let the system to implement the desired raking level hydraulically or electrically. Pedal-travel sensors are contactless and use redundant signal recording and a magnetic field sensor to avoid car collisions. Pedal-travel sensor has both magnetic circuit and magnetic field sensor that allows automakers to integrate it with the existing automobile environment.

Traction Control

Modern cars come equipped with a traction control system that reduces the potential of a wheel spinning or skidding. Traction control system may cut power to the wheels of a car if its tires lose traction on wet ground. You no longer have to panic if you have a traction control system. The system will restore power to the drive wheel automatically once the car re-stabilizes.

Voice Command Controls

Automakers are equipping modern cars with voice recognition systems that can adjust climate and audio setting through voice commands. Most of the time these tends to be hit-or-miss. Nonetheless, it’s certainly an admirable enterprise, voice recognition technology is enabling automakers to combat distracted driving. Voice commands control help drivers to concentrate and keep their eyes on the road. Use of voice recognition technology to adjust settings prepares drivers for a sudden danger and keeps them focused.

Collision Avoidance Systems

It’s a relatively new technology that uses forward sensors to warn drivers of imminent obstacles. In fact, these sensors can trigger a car to slow down to avoid collision with an invisible object or vehicle. According to Greenberg Law, careless car drivers usually fail to notice the smaller frames of motorcycles and without checking their blind spot, change lanes. Another instance is of parked drivers frequently open their doors into the way of bikers. These systems can help minimize the risk of crashing into motorcyclists. In some cases, these sensors make the car to stop automatically to prevent colliding with an oncoming vehicle. Though collision avoidance systems are still in their infancy, they are an effective emergency backup braking system, and are still subject to human error, as you can be distracted enough not to notice your system informing you of something.

Heads-On Display

When you think of smartphone and driving, you don’t usually get pleasant or positive associations. But new gadgets, such as the VIZR, can help turn your phone into a pretty cool Heads-On display so that you may navigate with GPS, get updates on traffic, or check any driving stats. There are plenty of other gadgets out there to turn your phone into a more useful, a safety device on the road, so make sure to check them out.



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