Cheap Products From Wyze


Products From Wyze That Are Cheap

Wyze Labs is a one-year old startup which develop and offer products at low prices. The company is based in Seattle and they are into producing things which are affordable.

We will be able to get quality products for very low prices, then. Giant companies will find it hard to shell out big money from us for their products.

Wyze Labs And Its Products

Wyze Labs introduced its first gadget a few weeks ago. It is a small, internet connected video camera. This is the kind you might want to use for security or keeping tabs on the activities at your home. So far, this is the only product Wyze is introducing to the market, for now. There are more to come. So let us wait and watch out for them.


Getting To Know The WyzeCam

The WyzeCam is a low-end video camer. It does not look special, but it functions quiet well for an inexpensive device. One of its groundbreaking feature that no rivals can match. It is priced unbelievably low at $20! Other low-end cameras with the same features as the WyzeCam costs $50 at least.

How does it look like? Its outer features are not that extraordinary. It is a tiny white cube with a black eye that swivels on a base. It is based on another super cheap camera system developed by a Chinese company and sold by Xiaomi. So it may look familiar to fans of cheap gadgets.

How Wyze Labs Came Up With The Product

There are cases where companies buy products from other companies, rebrand them and produce and sell them as if it were originally theirs. In this case, Wyze Labs licensed the hardware, and made some minor changes. They then built new, and better software to power it.

The company’s aim is to develop customer software for products and sell them at very affordable prices. Wyze Labs seem to be on the right track. So let us be ready to face a future with affordable, durable, and with good quality gadgets and devices. All courtesy of Wyze Labs.

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