Anafi Released By Parrot


Parrot Releases Anafi

Anafi was unveilled by Parrot just recently. This folding drone is Parrot’s response to the Mavic Air. Parrot is a French company who developed Anafi. According to them, this folding drone is the product of two years of development.

The Features Of Anafi

The 0.7 pound drone is foldable. This is for maximum portability. The users of this drone, among them photographers, can stash it away along with their other equipment when travelling. Or it can be just kept in a jacket pocket. This feature is handy and convenient for drone users who are always on the go.


The Anafi is said to be clearly targetted directly at DJI’s Mavic line. It has a 4Y HDR camera on board, and a 21 megapixel still unit mounted on a gimbal. Parrot estimates battery life at 25 minutes. This is quite solid, as far as this class of drone is concerned.

The Drone’s Other Features

Parrot says that the drone is the quietest in its class. It is not literally quiet, though. But the company’s previous drones sounded like lawn mowers. With the Anafi, the sound has been reduced by about a third, compared with the company’s earlier models.

The drone has a controller that plugs into an iPhone or Android device, for touchscreen visualization through the FreeFlight 6 app. It features a number of different control modes, focused on capturing different camera content. This also include an option for following a subject, and of course, a selfie mode.

The Anafi’s Price And Availability

The drones price seems just right. The drone costs $699, $100 cheaper than the Mavic Air. At first glance, it does not appear to be as advanced as DJI’s latest stab at creating a truly mainstream drone. Anafi is due to be out on July 1. The drone will be available through Parrot, Amazon, and other “select retailers”.

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