Micro-blogging site Twitter has recently announced that it would end some of its several apps. These apps include Twitter for Android TV, Twitter for Roku, as well as Twitter for Xbox.


Why Twitter is killing its apps?


Twitter has decided to kill the Twitter for Xbox because of its dismal feedback. In Microsoft store, the app has only received a whopping average rating of one and a half stars out of five. Such negative feedback was attributed to the Twitter apps limitation as users claim that they don’t actually interact fully while using the platform.



In fact, Twitter users claim that these apps actually lack a log-in facility and they criticized even the app for passively looking at a displayed feed. One reviewer commented, “Hardly any effort was put into this.” And another reviewer wrote: “This is not the point of Twitter.”



In case you don’t know, the Twitter for Xbox has actually allowed for curated Twitter commentary to display while watching videos. Based on the user’s comments, it is obvious that the apps above are either “useless, worthless, and garbage,” as described by reviewers while lamenting the restrictions of Twitter for Xbox.



The user’s hatred to these Twitter apps was expressed creatively to the extent that people made YouTube videos dedicated to their hatred of this app.



Meanwhile, Twitter for Android TV and Twitter for Roku also did get the users’ satisfaction. Both apps ratings were two and three and a half out of five stars, respectively.