Google News app

Search giant Google has introduced a new Google News app. The brand new Google News app highlights the opening of the this year’s Google I/O event in California. The app is expected to debut in the US starting with iPhones.


Check out the new Google News app


According to Google, the new Google News app would replace the Google Play Newsstand app on both Android and OS platforms. The app is being rolled out to million users in various 127 countries. Hence, if you have not received any updates yet, keep on checking to receive the brand new app.


Google News app


Google said that new Google News app is powered by an artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both technologies help tailor fit the user’s news preferences based on his or her interests. When it was presented during the Google I/O keynote, the app appears to have a new design and features.


One of the highlights of the Google News app is called Briefing. In this feature, you can easily find curated five stories that Google News has picked based on your location and interests. This means that the app curates more stories that you are actually interested to know.



Since the app is artificial intelligence driven, the more you use the news app by reading stories and watching videos, it curates more stories for you. In fact, using the app, you can actually tell the app if you are not interested in a certain story by tapping the three-dot icon in the bottom-right corner of the story’s thumbnail.



Google said this is the same process to be followed if you want to tell the app that you want more of a particular story topic. And if you want to read more an in-depth stories, the multicolored Full Coverage button would open a new page broken into different categories: Top coverage, videos, From Twitter, Opinion and All Coverage.