Skip: Heavy-duty Scooter Renter Launched By Boosted Boards Founders


Boosted Boards Founders Launched Heavy-Duty Scooter Renter

A heavy-duty scooter renter is launched by Boosted Boards Founders. The called it “Skip”. The company is known for making the steadiest and safest-feeling electrical skateboards. The founders of Boosted Boards is bringing its rugged experience to the scooter world.

scooter renter

The Rental Startup Known As Skip

Skip could get along well with cities. They have decided to use bigger scooters with wider platforms. They will deploy in partnership with Washington, DC, and plans for San Francisco.

Formerly known by its Y Combinator codename Waybots, the company has exclusively announced its funding and rebrand to Skip. The startup has raised a $6 million seed round led by Initialized Capital via Alexis Ohanian and Ronny Conway’s A Capital, with SV Angel joining in. “High integrity, thoughtful founders, with all the relevant experience, demonstrated success, and an eye towards safety make this this exactly the kind of investment I love”, says Ohanian.

More On Skip

“We think the vehicle matters”, Skip and Former Boosted co-founder/CEO Sanjay Dastoor says. “It is not the same as rideshare where two or more riders are all sharing the same car. There is big spectrum of quality in the base vehicles”.

Skip is modifying bigger and more durable electric scooters. They also have plans for building their own custom scooters to be able to compete with other scooter rental companies.

Features Of The Electric Scooter

The scooter rental costs $1 plus $0.15 per minute, just like other scooter rental services. But with this price, you get a wider riding platform. It also comes with other features such as breaks, full suspension, and more.

Skip is hoping that the riding public will notice their services. Skip provides the riding public a better, and more reliable scooter service.

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