Put Facebook In Your Control With These Four Features


Features Which Will Put Facebook In Your Control

Facebook will be put in your control with four features. The company announced that one of these tools will “put people in more control of data”. These features were developed to toughen data protection rules.

New Tools From Facebook

Facebook is launching a range of new tools in an effort to “put people in more control over their privacy”. This is in the buildup to new EU regulations that tighten up data protection.

The company is battling with the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica files. The changes came after a troubling two weeks for the company.

new features

Facebook’s New Features

Facebook has developed four new features for its users. These new features are:

  • Clear History – One of Facebook is giving more control to users with a new tool called Clear History. This tool removes information Facebook has about you from your interactions that take place off of the main Facebook website. This is similar to deleting cookies and browsing history in a web browser. You can also disable Facebook from following your off-Facebook actions.”This is the kind of control that we think people should have”, said Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s annual F8 conference for software developers. The feature has no definite release date yet, but is said to roll out in the next few months.
  • Facebook getting into the dating game – If you are wishing that you may be able to use Facebook to date, now you will have the option. The company will be rolling out a new feature to its mobile app which will try to help single users find their soulmates. Facebook hopes that this will be for real long-term relationships and not just for hookups or flings. This dating feature will begin testing later this year.
  • Video chat will be everywhere – you will soon be able to video chat on Instagram or group chat on WhatsApp. Facebook is planning to rollout video chat, including group chat, to Instagram in the next few weeks, while WhatsApp will soon gain the ability to do group video chats after having the ability to do one-on-one video chats since 2016.
  • Oculus finally goes phone and PC free – in addition to all the software news, Facebook had one hardware announcement: its first Oculus virtual reality headset. This Oculus VR headset does not require a connection to phone or to computers.

These features are developed by Facebook for better service for all.