Pop Camera : A New Fun App for Your iPhone


Pop Camera For Your iPhone

Your iPhone will have a new fun app called the Pop Camera. This is a new fun toy camera app with which you can choose different multi-shot cameras. You can also have different film effects.

Meet The Pop Camera

Pop Camera is an app which turns your camera into an old school toy camera without buying the said camera or fussing with film. The app has been around for a few years but it is yet to be discovered. The app lets you take photos using different modes. These modes replicate effects from cheap cameras. It produces random imperfections such as light leaks, vignettes, and over saturation of photographs.

What Can The App Do

This app simulates those and lets you have a variety of shot sequences. When you take a photo, the camera comes up with dots on how many shots on the camera you have chosen. They light up to indicate how many shots were taken. Once you tap the shutter button, the camera starts taking pictures. You cannot control the shutters once you start it, whether you choose a single or multiple shot camera. You may have a variety of results because of this. The photos are produced sequentially for multiple shots. It is an offbeat way to shoot live events, or other creative shots.

Pop camera

Other Features

Filters and sequence shots are applied after you take the photo. So you do not know what the final image will look like when you take the photo. It will make you think of framing and other aspects before you touch the shutter button. Taking photos the traditional way is a nice contrast with the digital way of doing it or a regular camera app. You can also customize your photos with this fun app. You can add time stamps, photo frames, and buy additional film filters and cameras.

The Pop Camera is equipped with 8 different cameras. It can take up to sixteen photos, or one double exposed shot. Each camera has different funky designs, and lets you choose from fourteen different film types.
So if you want to make your image capturing a fun experience, try out this new fun app for your iPhone, the Pop Camera.