New Events for Arena of Valor


Arena Of Valor’s New Events

New events are available for Arena Of Valor. Events can be accessed when players tap the giftbox icon button in the menu. Usually, different new events are available every week. Free gifts can be obtained with these events like free heroes, free gems, and gold/exp boost card. You can also get skins, heroic shards, skin shards, gold, and many more.

New Events And Rewards

There are new events and rewards for Arena of Valor:

  • New Hero – Astrid debuts!
  • (Login) The Queen Marksman Login Bonus
  • Teamwork makes your dreams work
  • Get Batman for free
  • Daily login rewards for seven days

Why Should Players Do The Events

As a free-to-play player, it is important to complete every single one of the events. Gold is limited to everyone, especially to new players. Some events are the same, but they have different rewards. Daily login for a week, new hero debuts, etc., are some of the different rewards you may get from the same events.

new events

Objective Of The Events

The objective of the events is quite simple. They are very easy to complete. All you need to do is complete the events to obtain rewards. Keep in mind though that every server has different events weekly. Some events might be more rewarding while others not. But if you will just keep your patience in check, you might stumble upon some fancy rewards.

Always remember to claim your reward right after you complete a particular event. If you forget to claim your reward, it will reset to 12 AM and you will have to start over again.

Important Reminder

Always remember that the second tab in the giftbox icon is announcements. Details about upcoming Tournaments, special events, patches, etcetera may be found in the announcements. Players can also use the Item Code Redemption here.

Item Code Redemption

How to redeem: Log into the account you wish to claim the item on, and click the Redeem button below.

Take note of the following:

  • Items will be sent into your inbox as a system message
  • You inbox can contain a maximum of 100 messages. Make sure you have enough space before redeeming the code.
  • Claim the items in your inbox as soon as possible as it will expire after thirty days
  • Take note of the expiration dates of your codes
  • For further inquiries, contact the Customer Service.

With these information regarding Arena Of Valor’s events, go grab the chance to complete events and get more rewards.