Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows users have encountered an endless loop or unable to boot recently. The cause of PC bricking has been attributed to Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update.

The Microsoft users have identified the culprit which was the first cumulative patch for the April 2018 update to Windows 10. With this, users are given the advice to postpone the update until such time the software giant has resolved the issue.

Windows 10 Update Contains Bug

The issue had surfaced when several Microsoft users went to Microsoft’s official forums to vent out their issues. These users have complained specifically about the KB4103721 update.

Microsoft Windows 10

The bug within the update has caused PCs spinning in a loop of failed boots. It should be noted, however, that the bug did not affect all the PCs. In fact, Microsoft has identified the models that are affected by the bug.


The software giant has responded to the issues of the users. Microsoft has expanded its KB4103721 patch notes. It made mention that PCs with Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series or Intel SSD 600p Series were affected by the bug.


As of press time, Microsoft has yet to offer concrete solutions for this problem. Users are now looking to find a temporary remedy of the problem by rolling back to the previous Windows version.



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