Instagram Music Stickers May Add Songs to Stories Soon

Instagram Music Stickers

A code hidden inside the app points to a music stickers feature for the Stories.

Instagram Music Stickers

Instagram Stories has definitely come a long way from just a humble copy-cat version of Snapchat. The latest rumoured feature could possibly allow users to add soundtracks.

Techcrunch reports that the popular social media platform is planning on having “music stickers” for the Stories. The report says that a code within the application shows a “Search Music” feature based on genre, moods or trending music.

The information was from a reader named Ishan Agarwal. He previously gave info on other new features of the app that Instagram eventually confirmed. The company has yet to provide comment on this latest rumour.

This recent rumour also ties with reports that Facebook has been inking deals with major music labels.

If this new feature does push forward, Instagram’s Stories will definitely take on a whole new level. In addition to their already existing features, having the capacity to add music without a 3rd party app would definitely make it more interesting for its users. Snapchat and even will probably take a hit if users take on positively to the music stickers.

It is still very early on and Instagram may still choose not to release this feature. What do you think? Will this be a cool addition? Let us know!