IP Address Can Point Out Your Location


Your IP Address Can Reveal Your Location

Your location may be pointed out by your IP address. This is probably the number one concern most of us have about our IP address. The first IP address that pops up when you got to “WhatIsMyIPAddress.com” is linked directly to the computer you are using.

Can Your IP Address Point Out Your Location?

This is the usual question most of us ask. What is the answer to this question then. Well, it depends upon different circumstances. But generally, probably not.

What Information Can They Get About You

The most common information that curious people can find out about you with your IP address is what region, city, and town you are in the internet. They will not know anything personal about you or what type of computer you are using.

They do not really know more about you. It is more about your online connection. The information they will get is not about who the IP address user is, but generally, where the computer is.

If you are at home, it might show a location twenty of twenty-five miles away from where you actually are. If you are in a café, or anywhere else outside your home, it will not show your home address. It will show the general location of your area. These “geo-locaters” can only guess your location while you are linked to some network that is linked to the internet.

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Is Tracking You A Possibility

There are cases where tracking you is possible. This can be done if a particular user is doing something illegal. An agency may seek legal permission to contact the Internet Service Provider for information. With a subpoena on hand, they can ask the ISP for the account holder’s name and address. But this will only track the person who pays the monthly internet bill. Not the person who has access to the said account. But for most of us, that is an extreme scenario.

How To Stay Safe Online

We have to admit it though, that the thought of somebody knowing what region, or city, or town you are in is very uncomfortable. But always remember though that it is not as if your name and address is written in some list and given out to just anyone.

The internet is anonymous in many ways. It is the user who gives out information to others by establishing business or personal relationships online.

So if you are not that comfortable with giving out information, remember this. Do not give out your name and address and other personal information online to people or companies you barely know. Let us face the reality happening around us. A lot of people in the internet are honest and trustworthy. But there are a few who are not. So let us be wise.

Never give out information right away. You might encounter these few dishonest people who might use your personal data for illegal purposes. Make sure you know them well before you trust them with your personal information.