Hulu Gets New Updates


Updates For Hulu

Hulu gets new Updates. The new Hulu experience and its live beta service has been launched. “We are learning so much about what viewers love. And we are extremely proud of what we have shipped to our viewers”, said VP Product Richard Irving.

But wait, there is more. The company will be adding more features, updates, and improvements over the next few weeks or month.


Hulu’s Response To Viewers’ Feedback

According to the company, they are laser focused on the feedback they are getting from viewers in various forums, app store reviews, and social media. To continually improve stability and performance, they will be releasing a number of feature updates to the app in the next few weeks. This will make navigation easier, and give you more granular control over your viewing progress.

Top Requests From Viewers

Here are some of the top requests the company has received in the past weeks:

Viewing Progress: They will let you know if you have a new episode to view, and will let you know what to do. So you will be able to watch shows you have missed. This is available on all platforms that currently support the new Hulu experience.

New Episode Badging: New content is appearing on Hulu everyday now that it has offered Live TV. They have added specific badging to new content so you will know when something new is available for you to watch.

Disable Autoplay: Autoplay is a feature that automatically plays a new show after the one you are watching ends. This is very convenient for viewers as it will allow you to watch shows on Hulu without having to click “play”.

Chromecast Button: The “Cast” button has been moved higher in the navigation so it is easier to find.

Additional Updates

Additional updates include bug and crash fixes, as well as stability and performance improvements.

With all these new features on Hulu, their viewers’ viewing experience will be more enjoyable.