How Techy Did Your Mother’s Day Go?


Mother’s Day Tech Gifts For Your Mom

You can make everyday Mother’s Day. You can give tech gifts to your gadget loving mom. We can never repay our moms for all their sacrifices for us. But we can always make then feel special, especially on Mother’s

Does your mom not need special instructions to turn on the TV, or is often the first to have the latest streaming device? Does she know all the iPhone hacks, and is even teaching you a thing or two? Then she is a techy mom. This Mother’s Day, why not give your gadget-loving mom one of these tech gift suggestions.

For Fitness Conscious Moms

For moms who often go to the gym, a FitBit might be a good gift for her. This is a great gift for anyone who wants to get fit, or is looking to download data or the latest sweat session. This gadget is a bestseller for all season, as this classic fitness tracker is easy to use. This could help keep your fitness fanatic mom on her toes.

The Bedside Smartphone Vase

The Bedside Smartphone Vase is a decor and phone functionality combined. You can give your mom a bouquet of flowers with a vase which is also a smartphone stand. According to the product page, you can charge your phone while using it. The smartphone vase features a groove at the bottom to place your phone cord. You can charge without intruding on the aesthetics.

The Fire HD 8 Tablet

The Fire HD is a great addition to your mom’s tech arsenal. The fancy new tablet from Amazon. It has twelve hours of battery, plenty of internal storage and equipped with Alexa ready to go.

An E-reader Filled With Books

The Kindle e-reader will provide your book-loving techy mom with thousands of books at her fingertips. It will also lessen the literary clutter in your mom’s life. The e-reader has plenty of customization options to suit her needs. She will be engrossed with the virtual pages for hours. To make her more happy, you can download some titles for her that you think she might love.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is a great gift suggestion for those moms who get sucked into the latest shows. The Fire Stick TV has Alexa on standby and access to tons of streaming apps. Flipping channels will never be her worry again.

Other Tech Gift Suggestions You Should Check-out For Your Mom

Technology has contributed a lot to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Your mom deserves to have these comforts, too. On her special day, here are other gift suggestions for you to consider giving to her. Check out the Amazon Echo for her music listening,weather reports, and more. The Echo Dot, which is basically all the Amazon devices in a small package. Another great gift is the Smart Coffee Maker, whose brewing settings may be managed via phone. The sous-vide smart cooker which uses water kept at a precise temperature to cook food evenly and can be activated using her phone.

We also have the smart robot vacuum. This vacuum is handled by a robot and is smartphone and Alexa enabled. The smart plugs for every room so she can control just about anything using Alexa or her phone.

The list of suggested tech gifts for your mom on Mother’s Day may go on and on. Nut one thing is sure. Regardless of what you give your mom, the mere fact that you remembered her on her special day is more than enough to make her happy.