Avid users of Chrome OS should expect some changes on some of its product features like Bluetooth. This comes after tech giant Google is planning to make a revamp of Bluetooth functionality. The company is also planning to overhaul the Bluetooth stack.


Here’s what Google is working on for Chrome OS


Google said the changes in Bluetooth functionality in Chrome OS was attributed to the changes made by Android. The overhauled Bluetooth, as expected, may enhance and improve the security of Bluetooth communication on Chrome OS.

The updated Bluetooth functionality on Chrome OS is also expected to fix the previous flaws or defects that users experienced two years ago. A description sourced from XDA stated that Chrome OS users on the Developer Channel could track the changes made. Using the hashtag #newblue flag in Chrome://flags.


Also, Googler François Beaufort announced that the Chrome team is now experimenting a new updated address bar. The changes of the address bar work similarly with that of the mobile version wherein thumbnails and brief descriptions are included.


Also, XDA Developers announced that support for Android app shortcuts is coming. Application shortcuts would appear if you users would do a right-clicking (or holding down) on an app from the launcher, according to Gerrit. Chrome OS users said that the app shortcuts in Android is actually an interesting modification. They thought this support should have been applied as well in Chrome IS.



However, it was made clear that the support for the App shortcuts is still not available on the platform. Based on the new commit to the Chromium code-base hints that Google is doubling its efforts to apply such support for Chrome OS.



Moreover, it is also expected that the Chromium Code base would bring support for the feature to an upcoming version of the operating system.