Google Acquires Palo Alto Startup Cask Data

Google acquires Cask Data

The search giant’s acquisition of Cask Data will increase its cloud’s appeal to enterprises.

Google acquires Cask Data

Google is really in a quest to boost the capabilities of its cloud platform. The search giant’s most recent acquisition of Cask Data is a testament to that. The purchase comes less than a week after the former also announced its acquisition of Velostrata.

The Palo Alto startup oversees the development of the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP). It specializes in building solutions to run big data analytics services based on Hadoop.

The company’s founders, Jonathan Gray and Nitin Motgi, announced the acquisition in a blog post. The pair also confirmed that Cask Data will continue to support existing customers and products.

“As early adopters and users of Google Cloud ourselves, Cask has tremendous respect for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology and its commitment to open source, developers and enterprises. We believe the combination of CDAP and GCP will provide compelling solutions for enterprise developers, bringing them new levels of accessibility, performance and scale.”

William Vambenepe, Group Product Manager of Google Cloud, also shares the excitement.

“We are committed to open source, and look forward to driving the CDAP project’s growth within the broader developer community.”

There are no details pertaining to how much the acquisition cost Google.


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