Emergence Capital Has $435 Million Fund For AI Investments

Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell / VentureBeat

To bolster the company’s productivity in using machine learning, Emergence Capital has announced that it raised its investment portfolio for companies. The company has a ready investment of $435 million funds to invest in various companies.

Emergence Capital raises its fund for AI projects



Emergence Capital’s investment funds would focus on companies that would provide coaching powered by data and conversational AI. The purpose of which is to help people perform their jobs better. In the past, Emergence has made some similar investments. This includes call centre analysis company Chorus.ai; Myaa as well as Textio.



These aforementioned companies, according to Emergence Capital, are now using conversational AI to fast track their recruitment messages especially for companies they are hiring.


“Any domain that you and I now spend our time in every day will in the future have a coaching network company that owns that domain. That’s where the world is headed, in our opinion,” cofounder and general partner Gordon Ritter said as quoted saying in a VentureBeat in an interview.



Online reports claim that the $435 million fund is actually Emergence Capital’s fifth fund. Back in 2015, the company had raised a $335 million fund intended for investments in enterprise startups focusing on mobile tech, and cloud infrastructure.


The company has also invested in Salesforce, Box, Zoom, and Service Box. Founded in 2003, Emergence Capital is headquartered in San Francisco.