Apple Music

Apple Music is gearing to expand its music industry presence. The company is slated to launch a new international division that is focused on publishing. With this, Apple Music has picked Elena Segal to head the technology company’s internal music publishing division.


Apple To Launch A Global Publishing Division


Before serving Apple Music, Segal has worked previously as iTunes International’s legal director. Now, she is appointed as the Apple Music’s Global Director of Music Publishing. This means that with her position, Segal would actually be overseeing a team created purposely for several different departments.

Apple Music


Each department would directly report to Segal, and this includes the Operations, Publisher Relations, Commercial, and, A&R. A&R which stands for artists and repertoire. In case you don’t know, the A&R helps Apple Music to discover and develop performers and songwriters.



There’s a high expectation to Segal when it comes to the company’s operation in both the United States and the United Kingdom. But the job seems easy for Segal as she has previous experienced handling global positions in the company. In 2016, Segal had worked on expanding the iTunes Store internationally. She also played a key role when Apple launched the Apple Music department globally.


News of Segal’s new appointment broke when Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on Bloomberg TV. The Apple official has announced that Apple Music surpassed 50 million subscribers. It is planning to increase its subscribers base, according to Apple Music. At present, it has 38 million subscribers since March, with a noted increase of 12 million subscribers.



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