Dashdash: A Spreadsheet-Using Platform


Spreadsheet Using Platform Called Dashdash

Dashdash is a spreadsheet using platform. Spreadsheets are one of the most common pieces software in use today to organize and share information. Excel alone has around one billion users, and for those who are devotees, spreadsheets are not going to go away soon.

What Is Dashdash?

Spreadsheets are interesting and there are now startups. Larger companies emerging are tapping into that. They are creating new services that still appear like spreadsheets in the front end, while doing something completely different in the back.

The latest is a startup called dashdash that is building a platform for people to use their skills to build, modify, and update web apps. The startup is now in stealth mode It is announced to be formally launched this year. To realize the plans, they have received Series A funding of $9 million to date, including $1 million in seed funding.


How Dashdash Came To Be

The idea came out of observations in work, life, and the bottleneck of getting things fixed or modified in a company’s apps.

It is co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Humberto Ayres Pereira and Torben Schulz. “People have a lot of frustration in the IT department,” Ayres Pereira said in an interview. “Tech is like a train on iron tracks. It can be hard to steer it in a different direction,” he added.

Programming and spreadsheets already store and transform data. Many people bacame frustrated at having no solution for working apps. Dashdash was built to empower the people. Being provided with tools, they will be able to do the exact same job.

Investments On Dashdash

The ability to remove the bottleneck from the web app building, and the track record of the founders. These are the two reasons why Accel decided to invest on Dashdash even before the product is launched.