Clara HD E-Reader From Kobo


E-Reader Called Clara HD From Kobo

Kobo has introduced a new e-reader called Clara HD. It brings higher end features to a lower price point. The Clara HD is a six inch e-reader with a sharper screen.


The Kobo Clara HD

The world today is full of gadgets. With the presence of full-color display tablets, knowing that the e-reader is still available is quite surprising. The e-readers are much preferred by avid readers as compared to tablets. The e-ink display are much comfortable to the eyes than the backlit displays of tablets. They are a welcome device for comfortable, long-term e-reading.

Rakuten announced the new Kobo e-reader called the Clara HD. This is a 6-inch device with an HD 300 dpi screen. It is priced at an affordable $130.

Features Of The New E-Reader

The device is equipped with the ComfortLight Pro, which evenly spreads a reading light across the screen. It is designed to reduce the discomfort of blue light exposure during night reading.

The Clara HD can hold up to 6,000 e-books with its 8GB of storage and has weeks of battery life. As an added feature, it syncs with the free Kobo app available for smartphones and tablets. This will enable you to pick up your reading on another device.

Availability And Shipping Of The Clara HD

It is not yet clear when the device ships. But it is available for pre-order now. But according to reports, the Clara HD will ship to the U.S. sometime in June. Readers in Canada, Turkey, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal can get their hands on the device on June 5th. While June 1st is its schedule for shipping to readers in France.

Kobo Clara HD is the perfect companion for reading fanatics. They can customize its features to help people read the way they prefer it. With a crystal clear screen and the perfect lighting, the device is the best when it comes to e-book reading.

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