Nintendo DS

Would you expect to see a new broken Nintendo DS handhelds in a new form? A hardware modder in the person of Joe Bleeps has the answer: the Neon Advance. But you know in reality, a broken Nintendo DS is an uncommon sight. This pushed Bleeps to bring broken Nintendo DS to a new life.

Modder Turns Nintendo DS To Neon Advance

Nintendo DS

As you know, Nintendo DS handheld units are known for having weak hinges. This means that these units could easily be broken into two separate pieces. When this happens, the unit is apparently dead but Bleeps think otherwise.


“Where others see broken DS Lite consoles I see potential,” Bleep said on Twitter. “I took a different approach to Gameboy Macro mods, made it into a project and called it #NeonAdvance.”

What Bleeps did was to add a resistor to the original motherboard. By doing so, this would enable single-screen use. He also sorted cables and actually placed a mono speaker in the stylus holder since the original speaker was housed in the top half of the DS.


Regarding its form, the Neon Advance retains original DS slot, according to the popular modder. This means that you could still play GameBoy Advance games. And for the unit’s hinges, Bleeps further explained that he added a neon acrylic tubing which serves as the basis for the Neon Advance name.


Bleeps has posted in his social media accounts some photos of his finished designs, including his latest project with a pink theme and a blue neon light.




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