Battlerite: The Newest Addition To Battle Royale Games


Battlerite is Battle Royale Games’ New Addition

Battle Royale has a new addition to its games called Battlerite. 2018 has already grown into a major year for the last man standing multiplayer format of Battle Royale. This year, developers have added a new game to add excitement and fun to their existing Battle Royale games.

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Battlerite And The Royale Mode

The free to play MOBA, Battlerite, launched on Windows PC in November and is coming to Xbox One this year. It will be offering a battle royale mode, but with features more tailored to the MOBA genre. Its developer, Stunlock Studios, announced that the mode is coming this summer. So keep your excitement for Battlerite Royale in check until this summer.

How Battlerite Royale Is Played

In Battlerite Royale, 20 players will be sent onto an island map that is thirty times larger than Battlerite’s standard arena mode map. Every area will be filled with various items that offer various benefits. You will still have to use your champion. It can be played in a free for all set up or in pairs of two. It has the standard too-down perspective camera view as in arena mode. This mode will require players to utilize different kinds of strategies to account for the larger number of opponents in the area.

Victory on this game depends on the players’ skills, map awareness, situational builds, and “luck”. Matches will start 10 minutes. Players can search for weapons and loot before ducking it out.

The game offers twenty-seven champions for the mode. It covers several roles including ranged, melee, and support. Each champion possess different abilities and play styles. There are six characters available for players to use for free. Unlocking additional characters costs in-game currency or real world money.

The goal of the game is like that of any other in similar genre. To win the game, you must collect loot and eliminate other players until you remain to be the last one standing..

Availability Of Battlerite

The game is currently available on PC via Stream. But Windows 10 and Xbox One versions will be availble this 2018.