YouTube Rolls Out Shorter, Skippable Ads

YouTube Ad

YouTube introduces TrueView for Reach designed to optimise cost-effective reach for advertisers.

YouTube Ad

You probably noticed two kinds of ad formats on YouTube. One would be those 30-second ads that let you skip after 5 seconds. And the other which is 6 seconds long but you have to watch till the very end. This new one is something in between.

YouTube introduced a new option for short-form branding ads called TrueView for Reach. Basically, brands can make ads as short as 6 seconds or as long as 30 seconds and users can skip these after 5 seconds.

This new format allows advertisers to run ads from six to under 30 seconds. The ads are then “optimised for efficient reach,” explains YouTube video ad Product Managers Ali Miller and Khushbu Rathi in their announcement.

They also add that 87 percent of YouTube’s six-second Bumper ads drove “significant lifts” in ad recall, averaging 20 percent across all campaigns. These Bumper ads were first introduced in 2016.

“TrueView for reach brings our popular in-stream format built on user choice together with the simplicity of CPM buying. Optimised for efficient reach, this format can help you to raise awareness among a broad set of customers.”

A YouTube spokesperson explained, “With TrueView for Reach, we’re responding to customers’ requests for ways to optimise their TrueView buys based on different campaign objectives.”

The TrueView for Reach rounds up the three options that advertisers have in reaching their audience. The other two being TrueView for Views (standard), and TrueView for Action