YouTube Kids is Releasing a Non-Algorithmic Version Of Its App

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is planning to release a non-algorithmic version of the app. All videos will be curated by YouTube team members instead.

YouTube Kids


YouTube’s kid-centered app, YouTube Kids, was in hot-water last month after it suggested unsuitable content to children. Meant to filter out adult content for kids, the app failed when it actually suggested conspiracy videos. These included videos of prominent conspiracy theorist David Icke, videos claiming the world is flat and moon landing hoaxes.

When contacted, YouTube explained to Business Insider that that “no system is perfect and sometimes we miss the mark.” The company added that it will continue “to work to improve the YouTube Kids app experience.”

Following this, YouTube is reportedly planning to release a new version of the YouTube Kids app that has an option to show non-algorithmically suggested videos. Only videos from channels chosen by YouTube curators will be displayed instead.

This option will be available for parents to select alongside the algorithmic version. With this, parents can let their kids browse without being worried about any unsuitable content appearing.

The app is reportedly going to available in the coming weeks. When contacted, YouTube didn’t deny the plans to BuzzFeed News. They did however say that they “don’t comment on rumour or speculation.”