Wikipedia Adds Page Previews To Links For Faster Browsing


Wikipedia is making browsing even easier and faster by adding Page Previews to links on its pages.


Wikipedia just added a useful new feature called Page Previews. Now, it’s even easier to browse through the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

Browsing through the pages of Wikipedia is informative but if you’re like me, you could go down a rabbit hole. You could be wasting time clicking on links and articles that are useless or unrelated ones.

With the new feature, users can see a preview of the article behind the link including an image and a few sentences. When you hover the mouse over a link, a pop-up shows the preview. Simply move over the mouse and the pop-up disappears. This’ll help you decide if you want to click on the article or continue reading.

Adding the preview allows users to “clarify a confusing or unknown topic without the burden of opening a new page and navigating back to the original.”

According to the Wikimedia Foundation, this is “one of the largest changes to desktop Wikipedia made in recent years.”

The feature has actually been around for a while as an A/B testing. Through the test, Wikimedia found out that a lot users did not disable the feature. According to them, “each reader is interacting with the content of more pages while navigating the site.”

This is indeed very helpful. Now, I don’t have to open multiple tabs just to understand one single article. Good job Wikipedia!