Unusual Vehicles You Have Never Seen Before


Unusual Vehicles Never Before Seen

Unusual vehicles which you have never seen before can now be found in the social media. Everybody can now have access to videos, pictures, and other information about these unusual vehicles. You will get to know a few of them in this article.

The Roller Cycle

The Roller Cycle is composed of the roller blades (of course), a motorcycle engine, a small wheel and a handle bar. the rider puts on the roller blades, sits on the handle bar, with the engine and wheel trailing behind him. Basically, the rider is being pushed by the machine. He controls the speed,direction and brakes using the handle bar. Crude though the design might be for now, but who knows? Somebody may notice it and develop it.

The SUP Varibike

The SUP Varibike is good for health buffs. It looks like a scooter but has a bicycle wheel as its front wheel. It has two handles: the steady handle of a scooter; and a second handle which needs to be pedalled by both hands to function. Both handles are functional. The scooter handle is used while kicking with your foot to make the varibike go. The second handle is used if you just stand on the scooter’s platform. your hands “pedal” the handle to make the varibike go. This is like a scooter and a bike in one, a good way to exercise. Brakes may be applied by stepping on the flap covering the backwheel. Its speed can be controlled by its gears and the direction by the handles. The SUP varibike is easy to bring along as it can be folded and stored in the trunk of your car.

Track 1 Flux Design

The Track 1 is an all season, all terrain electric board. The Track 1 can tackle all kinds of terrain. Be it snow, sand, mud, or gravel. It looks like a wide skateboard with two thick back wheels and a tank-like look wheels up front. It comes with a detachable handle and can also be used as a motorized scooter.

Flyride Zapata

Flyride Zapata is like an upgraded version of a jetski. The only difference is its look and its ability to “fly”. It functions as a jetski with an additional feature: it can elevate itself from the water using a “turbo boost” giving the impression that it can fly. Of course it is faster than the jetski also. Ride the waves and fly with the Flyride Zapata.

gibbs amphibious

Gibbs Amphibious

This is, of course an amphibious vehicle. This means it can trod on water and land. When on water, it functions like a jetski. Its wheels fold inward underneath it so it can function on water. When in land, it can be several vehicles. It can be and all-terrain vehicle, a motorcycle scooter, or a snowmobile.

These unusual vehicles are proofs of man’s unlimited imagination, creativity, and intelligence.