Top 5 Best Movies In 2017 Which Are Still Worth Watching


Top 5 Best Movies In 2017

Top 5 best movies in 2017 which are worth watching. From live action, superheroes, animation, to novels, These movies are still worth watching over again. Here are five of the said movies.

The Space Between Us

This movie was released on February 3, 2017. The Space Between Us is a romantic movie. Its story is about a man (Gardner Elliot) born on Mars, whose mother died while giving birth to him, due to complications. He wanted to meet his father on Earth, which he never knew while growing up. During the process, he began an online friendship with a girl (Tulsa) on Earth.

He Finally got a chance to go to Earth. But there are consequences. Being born on Mars, his organs will not be able to stand Earth’s atmosphere for long. But he was determined to find his father and experience the things he read about Earth and meet Tulsa. All these he had to do before he ran out of time.

The Lego Batman Movie

Released February 10, 2017,this movie is the breakout star of the majorly successful Lego movies. Batman saves Gotham City from the evils of the Joker who was working on a hostile takeover. Batman learns to work and depends on others in the process to defeat Joker.

Before I Fall

This is about a girl named Samantha Kingston who lived a perfect life. She had a hot boyfriend, amazing friends, and a very good future ahead. But she met an accident and when she woke up, she finds out that she was living her life over and over again. While she is finding way on how to untangle the situation, she realizes that her life may not be so perfect after all. And she had only one day to fix it. This movie was released March 3rd, 2017.

Beauty And The Beast

March 17th marked the release of Beauty And The Beast in cinemas. This is a typical “tale as old as time” Disney movie. A selfish, conceited prince was cursed. The curse turned him into a beast, and all his loyal servants in the palace were affected by the curse also. The only way to break the curse is if a girl falls in love with the beast (which is actually the cursed prince) despite of his appearance. But this should happen before he runs out of time, that is when the last petal of the rose given by the witch who cursed him.

top movie

Power Rangers

This movie is the present day version of the 90’s classic. A group of high school kids are infused with unique powers to save the world. The special effects on this movie is way much better than its original version. The movie also shows diverse representation as it introduced and LGBTQ and autistic ranger into the mix.

These are the top five movies of last year (2017) which are worth watching again.