SpyParty, a popular competitive game, will be rolled out to Steam Early Access come April 12. The game that pits spy against sniper was developed by Chris Hecker. With SpyParty coming to Steam, it has been considered as a milestone for Hecker and his team.


SpyParty is coming to Steam


This would surely attract a bigger audience once SpyParty is available at the Steam Early Access. Before this, the game is being sold only on the game’s website for more than half-decade. Thus, with the game’s availability at Steam, surely it is a significant development over the past eight years.



So what’s new with the game? Hecker’s game features a tutorial that guides player on how to play the game. The game tutorial also teaches players how to stealthily play as a spy. The game also has unique animations as well.


In the game’s tutorial, the game developer revealed that the game looks clean, robust and streamlined. If you are a player and you want to discover more about the game, you can replay a feature for playing matches.


In fact, you can scan the game’s slow-motion feature. You can also view the game in different angles using an adjustable camera. Also, you can take advantage of the game’s split-screen view offers perspectives from the spy’s and sniper’s points of view.



Meanwhile, SpyParty’s Early Access also includes six new playable venues that offer the game’s unique and creative style. These maps are Balcony, Courtyard, Library, Gallery, Moderne and Terrace.Each map allows players to use the map’s different shapes and lines of sight.



With Steam’s more than 67 million active global users, the game would surely have a much wider audience. But despite this, Heckler has raised some uncertainty as to how Steam audience would react to SpyParty.