Rules of Survival : Why ROS Should Ban Cheaters


Rules Of Survival Should Ban Cheaters

Rules of Survival cheaters should be banned. It is frustrating to know that there are lots of gamers playing Rules of Survival who cheat in their games. This is so unfair to other gamers who play fairly.

How To Detect Cheaters

If you are an avid Rules of Survival player, you will be able to know if other players are cheating. There are ways to detect cheaters on the game if you are a frequent player. You can find articles on the internet about cheating and hacking not only for Rules of Survival but other games as well.

Rules of Survival

How To Stop Cheaters

Once you have detected a cheater while playing Rules of Survival, you can report it so that particular player’s account will be cancelled and he will not be allowed to play.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely prevent the act of cheating and modifying game values. However, game developers are constantly working on modifying anti-cheating features on the game. These cheaters should definitely be banned as they are gaining from cheating than those who are playing fairly. They are taking advantage of other players who play without cheating. And this is not right.

If you know that there are cheaters among the other players on your game, the best thing for you to do is to report them. This can be done by using the built-in report system which can be seen on the score screen at the end of every match.

Players who will be found guilty of cheating will have their accounts permanently suspended. This is in order to maintain a fair environment for players to enjoy.

If a suspected cheater is detected, you can also report them through this email [email protected] with the following information:

• Screenshot/video of suspected hacker in action (if you can)
• Region or platform where suspected hacker is playing on
• A detailed description of what has happened
• Your user name as well as theirs

It is very important that gamers will be vigilant. They must be observant and aware of things happening during their game. This will enable them to detect cheater.

The importance of reporting cheaters is for them to be banned from playing the game. These cheaters ruin the game and affect other gamers. These cheaters are not good examples to other players who play fairly. Besides, it is very much unfair to fair players if others are cheating to win the game.

So let us do our share and report these cheaters so they can be given the proper sanction for their offense.