On Tuesday, the Pokemon Company has finally revealed new monsters for its popular game. The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon has new a character added on the list. This new Pokemon charatecter is Mythical Pokemon Zeraora.


Pokemon has new mythical character


The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s new characters has been described as a creature that “creates a powerful magnetic field by emitting strong electric currents from the pads on its hands and feet.”


A separate description of the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora said that the character lacks organ within its body that could produce electricity. It added that the electric character “could actually gather and store electricity from outside sources.”


In addition, the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora could use the electricity from various sources and use it as its own energy. The game has been released for months already and it has now new character that players can enjoy playing.



However, the Pokemon Company has yet to release details as to how to get the Zeraora character. Other players hinted that the Zeraora character could be obtained via special events. This is similar to previous Mythical Pokemon characters such as Magearna and Marshadow.



It is not clear whether the Zeraora character will also be compatible with the Pokemon Sun and Moon or the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. And if you are playing with the game’s mobile offering, you can select two new Legendary Pokemon which is now available in Pokemon Go.