Next Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For


Next Cryptocurrencies Worth Looking Out For

Here are some next cryptocurrencies to look out for. The year 2018 did not start right for enthusiasts. A series of scams, scandals, exchange hacks, and rumors of government control resulted to Bitcoin’s biggest drop. But analysts confirm that this year will be an important year for cryptocurrencies.

You will find in this article promising cryptocurrencies to watch out for. They may be worth following and be beneficial to investors.


NAVCoin ($NAV)

NAVCoin is hailed to be the world’s first fully autonomous cryptocurency. It is decentralized, enabling faster, low-cost, fully anonymous transactions. NAV is set to launch platform Valence, implement lightning network transactions. It supports instant exchange between NAV and other currencies. It is also set to establish a payment gateway for users, and allow cold staking.

DeepBrain Chain ($DBC)

DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural network. It distributes artificial intelligence (AI) computational power, costs, and security across world-wide mining nodes. AI has a significant impact on our daily lives. DeepBrain Chain is here to connect all major and minor competitors. It is one of the best among the next cryptocurrencies to look out for.

Komodo ($KMD)

The Komodo Platform is “simple, yet powerful”.Komodo is barely a year old, yet it is the first platform to provide decentralized atomic swaps and order matching, eliminating third-party interference.

Nano ($NANO/XRB)

Next on the list is Nano. It is everything Bitcoin never was. It is a low-latency, high-performance, trustless cryptocurrency. Nano utilizes a novel block-lattice data structure. It also stands to do well because to its transparency and lack of high-power mining hardware. Minimal required resources also play a big role in Nano’s success.

Siacoin ($SC)

Siacoin is a decentralized cloud storage platform. It utilizes unused and idle hard drives across the world to rent out spare hard drive space. Sia’s blog predicts big developments in 2018. Elevating Sia’s public profile through public relations and marketing effort is also part of its development.

Kucoin Shares ($KCS)

Kucoin is not just a token. This is an incentivized bonus generated by Kucoin Exchange, a rapidly growing Hong Kong based digital exchange that popped up in mid-2017.

Basic Attention Token ($BAT)

Based on Ethereum blockchain, Basic Attention Token seeks to revolutionize, and remedy the severely flawed digital advertising ecosystem.

Theta Token ($THETA)

Theta is aiming to disrupt today’s video industry. The Theta platform supports vertical dapps for movies, education, entertainment, etcetera, allowing each to issue their own token.