League of Legends Update : Patch 8.8 Notes


Patch 8.8 Notes: League Of Legends Update

League of Legends update Patch 8.8 notes. The next few months will be jam packed with several events such as the launch of Clash, MSI, and the beginning of summer split, to name a few. This puts much pressure on the patches. So big or small patches will just all be medium patches.

Patch Highlights

Let us look at the highlights for Patch 8.8. Let us have their Champions.

• LeBlanc – developers wanted champions to have more time to play against assassins. For LeBlanc, one of the goals was to reinforce her identity as a combo-based assassin who cared about the order in which she casts her spells. The goals can be exemplified by two abilities: Passive – Sigil of Malice, and R – Mimic.

• Ahri – a lot of players enjoy to play Ahri. She is an aggressive, snowballing assassin who specializes in isolating her opponents and eliminating them. Her playmaking and reach allow her to surge into other lanes. She likes to kill and lead her team to victory. Her ability to prioritize all of the damage into one champion has been updated. This will give her the chance of going from fed to victorious.

• Irelia – Irelia’s laning phase is pretty weak. But she is extremely strong if she makes it to late game. Her late game power is being trimmed, by decreasing her ult’s base damage. This gives her more consistent lane change in exchange.

• Azir – Azir’s high waveclear in the early game gives him too much control over the tempo of a lane.

• Braum – Braum is said to be very tanky. His armor growth has been decreased.

• Galio – R cooldown increased. As players have learned how to position themselves preemptively to use Galio’s ultimate well, it has become pretty clear that it is available too often.

• Graves – Health growth increased, R cooldown decreased. For a ranged champion, Graves has to get up close and personal to help. His baseline tankiness is not doing anything to sustain that.

Champions With Changes

Other champions with changes or upgrades are: Xayah, Rek’Sai, Swain, Vi, Varus, Tahm Kench, Taliyah, Sion, Ryze, Naautilus, Lissandra, Kai’Sa, and Janna.

League of legends update

More Upgrades

Additional upgrades in the game include Archangel’s Staff (item), Lethal Tempo and Dark Harvest for runes. There are also changes in trinkets, homestart, and bug fixes. There are also upcoming skins and chromas.